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You awake to find yourself in an unfamiliar place.  The floor, walls, and ceiling are all made of stone tile, and the musty scent of age fills the air.  It is eerily quiet.

Standing before you is what appears to be an old man dressed in a wizard's robes.

"A good.  You are awake, " he says, leaning on his staff.  "You are probably confused as to where you are and why you are here so let me do my best to explain."

He launches into a long exposition of the history of your world and the age old conflict between the gods and demons.  Just as you begin to grow impatient, he finally gets to the important part.

"So you see Kaltomek has trapped your soul here in order to prevent you from aiding the forces of good.  You must defeat him and escape.  But, here he is strong, while you are weak.  Kill his minions and take their power for your own, then face him.  Do not fear death and failure.  You will merely awake here once again."

" Now go, " he says pointing to a set of stairs heading downward.  "Hurry before it is too late."

You gather your wits, and head down the stairs...

Made in Gamemaker Studio 2 for the GMTK Game Jam (2017)

My first game jam, and first game that I actually published for other people to play.  Any feedback is welcome. :)

Install instructions

The GMTK Game Jam submission version is the official submission, but the bug fix includes some minor changes to the controls screen.  As long as you dont hit Spacebar on the controls screen, the submission version should run perfectly fine.

Should just be able to extract the zip and run the exe

Oh and it's best on a 1080p screen.


Kaltomek(GMTK Game Jam submission).zip 1 MB
Kaltomek(bug_fix).zip 1 MB

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